Future iPads Made From Titanium? Report Hints Apple Looking At More Durable Material

Apple is reportedly looking into a new material for the iPad, a new report has suggested. According to a report in tech portal DigiTimes, Apple is considering making future iPad with a titanium allow chassis, replacing the aluminium-based metal used in current models. The report, which covered the production of the upcoming ninth-generation iPad will reportedly include a physical vapor deposition (PVD) application to enhance the devices’ scratch resistance. Earlier, a similar report had suggested that the 2022 Apple iPhone may also ditch the current aluminium and stainless steel design in favour of titanium.

The report in DigiTimes quotes sources as saying that Apple is also considering equipping iPads with titanium-based metal chassis, but the high costs for doing so may not be economical at the moment. The rumours are also in line with Apple’s recent investigation into the viability of titanium casings for its products, which include patents related to the use of processed titanium with unique properties for future MacBooks, iPads, and iPhones. As compared to stainless steel, titanium is considered more durable and is more resistant to scratches, and its stifness makes it durable enough to withstand bending – something Apple’s iPhone and iPad both have had issues with in the past.

If these reports are accurate, it will be the first time Apple will use titanium as a material on any iPhone or iPad device. The company has used titanium in the Apple Watch, and the Apple Card that is not available in India, is made out of titanium. iPhone and iPads currently are made out of aluminium and/or stainless steel.