Mum, 25, who ‘died twice’ after drink spiking fears attacker will come back for her

A mum of two who had two cardiac arrests and seizures after her drink was spiked in a bar is now worried that her attacker will return for her.

Nicole, 25, said that she is “emotionally scarred” after the incident at at Birmingham city centre night spot last Saturday where she was fine one minute and the next she was fighting for her life.

It is thought that the one bottle of Corona beer that she drank had been spiked with Rohypnol that led to her passing out and needed CPR to save her.

Nicole said she was fine at 9pm and was taking selfies on the dancefloor and yet half an hour later she had stopped breathing.

She started feeling unwell and her cousin came to collect her but before she had left the bar she collapsed.

Quick-thinking staff performed CPR before paramedics arrived.

She said : “I basically died twice and they had to bring me back to life, I woke up with no clue of what had gone on.

“The last thing my mum heard before hospital was that paramedics were trying to bring me back – it breaks my heart that my mum had to go through this.”

She was not out of danger even with the emergency services at the scene and was given advanced life support in the street outside the bar.

Nicole is worried that whoever laced her drink could come back for her.

“I’m terrified the perpetrator will come back for me, I’ve got two little girls who need me,” she said. “I can honestly say this was the worst experience of my life, I’m so lucky to still be here, I could have lost my life due to some p**** wanting to spike my drink.”

Rohypnol is a common drug to be used in date rape cases and can take affect in less than 30 minutes.

A statement from Henman & Cooper said: “It was a horrendous experience for all involved, we wish Nicole a rapid and full recovery.

“We’d like to thank our team who showed great strength and their experience saved Nicole’s life, luckily one of our door team is a trainee paramedic which was a crucial part of this positive outcome on this occasion.

“We’re working with Nicole and professionals to investigate and address the incident, we’ve spoken with police and licensing who’ll be assisting us with our investigation.”