The past year has taught 84% of people this important lesson

Community spirit, happiness and helping others are now more important than material belongings, according to a new survey* – and 84% of people say that the past year has shown them how precious life is.

The findings from The Health Lottery survey revealed that, out of 2,500 people questioned, one in four has become more involved in their local community, with two-thirds chatting to their neighbours, 50% shopping locally, and one third donating to food banks and checking on others who are vulnerable.

Two-thirds of those surveyed say that local community groups have played a vital role supporting those in need – which is why The Health Lottery is committed to helping charities at the heart of your local area. Every time you play, you not only get a chance to win cash prizes, you’ll also be helping to raise funds that go into projects that tackle loneliness, isolation and mental health issues.

The last year has shown what a lifeline these groups are to help people realise they’re not alone. Funds raised through The Health Lottery have boosted many local charities – from Swansea Community Farm, where volunteers can learn new skills, to Blackpool’s Sign Hi Say Hi!, a place for deaf children and their parents to get together for fun and much-needed support.

And the recent survey shows that people are ready to help, with a whopping 71% saying they want to live in a community where its members support each other. Although charities have had a difficult time throughout the pandemic, the survey reveals that eight out of 10 people think it’s important for money raised through lotteries to fund smaller charities that often get forgotten about, and that’s what The Health Lottery is all about.

If, like 68% of those surveyed, you believe that money raised is better spent funding smaller community projects than bigger, well-known charities, you can really make a difference when you play The Health Lottery. A massive £121 million has been raised so far (and that’s increasing every day), with £158 million paid out to prize winners.

So play The Health Lottery and not only could you win big, you also know your money is going to good causes.