Dad blasted for turning up to kid’s trampoline party with ‘car-full’ of food

A dad who grumbled online that he couldn’t bring food to his daughter’s trampoline party didn’t get the reaction he’d hoped for as social media users told him the struggling venue were in the right.

Rodrigo Crudo stocked his car full before heading off to celebrates with youngster Amber’s friends and family at the Manchester venue.

But as he turned up with his sandwiches, cocktail sausages and drink, he was told he wouldn’t be able to bring any of it inside.

He took to Facebook to complain – but things backfired when the owner shared the critical review, and most people said the businessman was right.

The dad wrote: “We took days to cook and prepare a lot of food for the parents since the food they provide is only for the kids.

“The previous time we celebrated our son’s birthday it was all allowed.

“Today when we got there I was told that I could not go in with any drink or food and that I had to buy it from their shop. He even went as far to say ‘the sign is on the door’, however I don’t think anyone lives next door to see the sign, all the food was prepared days before.

“I had to leave all the food, and the drinks in the car because he felt like it. Me and my wife explained that we did not know and that we were not told but the guy did not care, and wanted me to buy food from from their canteen.

“You lost a customer, and a few of the parents that witnessed the conversation also said that they would not be recommending Jump Depot either because he was ‘very rude’ (their actual words).”

Owner Graham Pennington decided to share the negative review on Jump Depot’s own Facebook page to see what other customers thought.

Many agreed the venue, badly hit by the pandemic, did nothing wrong and most were in full agreement with his policy.

“Ain’t that a bit like taking your own beer in a pub ??” said one.

Another posted: “When you go out for a meal do you take you own food or drink to a restaurant or cafe, No, so why would you think it’s acceptable to take your own food and drinks to somewhere that sells food and drinks.

“Sorry but I think you are wrong for putting this review, I personally have never been to Jump Depot but I know people who have kids party there and they say it’s great.”

The owner says it’s been tough to survive lockdown closure – and said he still had to pay his £25,000-a-year rent and £20,000-a year insurance during that time.

“You just wouldn’t believe what’s happened to me in lockdown,” he told the MEN.

“They threatened to take my house off me if I didn’t pay the insurance policy. It’s been so tough.

“When I saw this customer taking out five or six one-litre bottles of Pepsi to share out, I just told him he couldn’t do that. You can’t bring your own drinks when we sell them upstairs.”

He added: “We also do a big party package for 30 kids for £220 so that a child can bring every kid from their class along.

“It’s not expensive, we have drinks for £1 and hot dogs for £1, we don’t rip people off, but we can’t afford to have people bringing their own along.”